The duplex bag filter housing comprises two stainless steel bag filters connected by two three-way ball valves in parallel. It could achieve the purpose of multi-stage filtration and work in a switchable way to meet 24-hour continuous filtration needs.

Malaysia + Duplex Bag Filter + Wastewater Treatment

Product: Duplex Bag Filter

Country: Malaysia

Application: Wastewater Treatment

Bag Filter Housing

  • Treatment capacity: 60m3/h
  • Filter element: 3 pcs for each filter
  • Filter bag: 180*810mm
  • Operation pressure: 1.0 Mpa
  • Temperature: 90 ℃
  • Inlet & outlet: 4 inches
  • Vent: 1/2 inch
  • Drain: 1 inch
  • Filter element material: SS316L
  • Shell material: SS304



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