How to improve filter effects on bag filter?

How to improve filter effects on bag filter?

There are 3 ways to improve filter effects on bag filter:

1. Increase pressure:

We know that the appropriate increase in pressure can increase efficiency. That is to provide kinetic energy using the flow of filtrate, simultaneously forming a pressure difference, when the filter range reaches a certain value, the pressure difference increases, the faster the flow rate of the filter, resulting in increased filtering efficiency.

2. The material form is diversified:

The shape of the filter impurity is different depending on time and temperature. At this time, it is recommended that the user should be considered from the aspects of temperature, substance density and solid particles.

3. Increase the filter area:

Since the design of the filtering product is relatively simple, everyone wants to maximize the filter area. It is recommended to put the filter cloth flat, do not fold. After using a period of time, you should follow the filter bag or clean the filter bag in time to ensure the cleaning of the filter bag.

Operational requirements and slag retention

The bag filter is very simple in the process of operation. Only the filter bag of the fine level is required to be effectively installed in the filter cartridge during use, and the bag filter needs to be effectively examined whether the O-seal is complete, then the coroned bolt is tightened, so it can be put into its work.

After the pump of the bag filter, the pressure gauge on which the filter machine is slightly rising, and the initial pressure of its device is about 0.05 MPa. When using the extension of the use time, its cylinder is gradually increased. When its pressure reaches 0.4 MPa, the cylinder cover should be stopped.

Effectively check the slag retention of bag filter housing, can replace filter bag while running, the filter bag can be cleaned. The device is in use at 0.1 -0.3MPa is relatively appropriate.

The bag filter can be effectively adjusted through its reflow tube and pump back-to-valve, which is filtering the pressure over high to directly damage its filter bag and protect the net, need to pay special attention when used.

In the process of daily use, the filtration system in its work needs to check the pressure difference of its inlet and outlet. When its pressure difference reaches 0.05-0.1MPa, it takes timely replacement of its filter bag, which can avoid the filter bag rupture and damage.

In the process of using the bag filter, cannot open the cover when the pressure is in the device, otherwise the remaining liquid may be ejected, which will directly cause liquid loss and personnel injury.

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