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6-Bag Filter Housing

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JX Filtration 6-bag filter housing can be made by SS 304, SS316 or Carton steel, with a maximum 210 m3/h treatment capacity. A wide range of applications can be used for primary filtration, intermediate filtration or fine filtration.

The bag filter has a low investment cost and long service life than other equipment to achieve the same filtration effect.

The filter basket is the use of laser punching high-strength stainless steel plate after molded and polished. It is rarely attached to the material.6-bag filter has reasonable structure and simplest operation method.

Working Principle

 Adopting the side in and bottom out (side out) method (bottom in and bottom out way can also be used), the filtered liquid is pressed or drawn into the filter barrel through the pipeline's pressure. And the fluid to be filtered through the filter bag supported by the filter basket basket achieves the ideal solid-liquid separation and purifies the liquid . Different filter precision depends on the filter bag precision and can be reused after cleaning.

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