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Agricultural irrigation filtration equipment


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JX Filtration has developed three kinds of filters especially for irrigation water purification. All of them can be applied in filter water from rivers, canals, lakes, ditches and wells and to use it in any irrigation system, including drip systems:

Automatic backwash disc filter

It is mainly composed of laminated head, control valve and pipeline. Backwashing is realized by automatic controller, differential pressure sensor, three-way valve and electromagnetic head.

The backwash disc filter has precisions ranges from 20μm to 400μmThe filtration efficiency is greater than 85%.

Hydaulic self cleaning filter

It adopts hydraulic control does not require any external power (wind, water, electrical, battery). It can be automatic filtering, automatic cleaning(cleaning period of continuous flow) and horizontal installation device.

Particularly suitable for agricultural irrigation projects. The equipment is backwashed by hydraulic control, the pressure difference inlet and outlet reaches 0.05Mpa, and the filtration precision can reach 25um-3000um. The capacity can reach 1300m3/h.

Sand filter

Sand Filter using quartz sand as a filter medium, removes suspended solids, organic matter, colloidal particles, microorganisms, and microorganisms in the water. It has the advantages of fast filtering speed, high filtering precision, and large dirt interception capacity. 

As long as the solid content over 10mg/L, no matter how much the inorganic content is, a sand filter should be selected. It can be used individually or in multiple combinations. Single unit capacity can reach 300 m3/h, filtering area can reach 6.78m2.

All of above filters has construction material options: SS304/SS316/carbon steel, etc. With self-cleaning system to realize automatic differential pressure, time and manual control system for filtering, cleaning and discharging.


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