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Disc Centrifuge


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Disc Centrifuge is a mechanical solid and liquid separator based on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. 

It is widely used for the continuous separation of liquids with density difference and solid-liquid mixture. The disc centrifuge features are high rotating speed, stable operation, fully closed design, low noise, and superior separation efficiency.

It has advantages of automatic and continuous operation, large treatment capacity and better separation effect. It is composed of inlet and outlet device, drum, vertical or horizontal shafts, housing, brake, motor, speed detector, etc. 

The disc centrifuge is only suitable for the separation of suspensions with low solids content and mutually insoluble liquids with small specific gravity differences. Such as beverage, beer, milk,yeast, animal and vegetable oils, starch etc.

The motor and construction material can be customized.

Working principle

The drum contains a set of disc-shaped components stacked on top of each other, known as discs. There is a small gap between each disc. The suspension (or emulsion) is introduced into the drum through a feed pipe located at the center of the drum. As the suspension (or emulsion) flows through the gaps between the discs, solid particles (or liquid droplets) settle on the discs under the centrifugal force, forming sediment (or liquid layer). The sediment slides along the surface of the discs and accumulates at the largest diameter of the drum, while the separated liquid is discharged from the liquid outlet of the drum.

Discharge method



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