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Filter Bag

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Filter bag is the necessary component for bag filter housing. JX Filtration supply various filter bags with different size, material and precision. The plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel ring are avaliable.

Common model

  • Size 1#:  Φ180×440mm, the theoretical flow rate is 8-16 m3/h, and the filtering area is 0.25m2.
  • Size 2#:  Φ180×810mm, the theoretical flow rate is 20-32m3/h and the filter area is 0.5 m2.
  • Size 3#:  Φ102×210mm, the theoretical flow rate is 3-6 m3/h, and the filtering area is 0.15 m2.
  • Size 4#:  Φ102×380mm, the theoretical flow rate is 6-12 m3/h, and the filtering area is 0.2 m2.


JX Filtration can supply PP, PE and Nylon. According to the actual requirements of the filtration process, to determine the filtration mode (deep filtration, surface filtration) first, and then choose the filter bag material. Plastic ring on top.


Smallest 1um-200um


  • Professional engineer model selection
  • Free carton package
  • Customized size design
  • Custom tags on filter bag (order quantity over 1000 pcs)
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