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Folding Belt Vacuum Drum Filter

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Folding Belt Vacuum Drum Filter basic working principle is same as scraper vacuum drum filter, except the material discharging method. It is discharging by folding belt which could avoid many problems of scraper type such as difficult discharging, low permeability, easy clogging of filter cloth, high moisture of filter cake, and low production capacity. It is suitable for the dewatering of fine and sticky materials.


  • Gluten dehydrates during cornstarch production
  • Filtration of penicillin fermentation broth
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Catalyst dewatering
  • Desulfurization

Supply scope

  • The Pre-coating vacuum drum filter
  • Air blower
  • Air-liquid separator
  • Vacuum pump
  • Control cabinet


  • Free equipment drawing, process drawing, installation drawing, circuit diagram
  • Free operation manual
  • Free package
  • Schneider control cabinet
  • Free 2 pcs filter cloth

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