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High Efficiency Pleated Filter Without Diaphragm


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The high efficiency pleated filter without diaphragm is made of densely pleated filter elements, hot-melt adhesives as filter element separators, metal mesh protection and aluminum profile frames. Widely used in electronics, semiconductors, precision machinery, biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, food and other industries that require high air cleanliness for the filtration of the terminal air supply system of civil or industrial clean programme, as well as the air conditioning air supply system with special requirements: It can also be installed in the terminal air outlet of the clean room, FFU, clean shed and clean equipment with partial clean requirements.

Common model

  • Size 1#: 320*320*69 mm, the air flow is 150-450 m3/h, and the filtering area is 3.2 ㎡.
  • Size 2#: 484*484*69 mm, the air flow is 400-1000 m3/h, and the filtering area is 7 ㎡.
  • Size 3#: 610*610*69 mm, the air flow is 600-1500 m3/h, and the filtering area is 11 ㎡.
  • Size 4#: 1170*570*69 mm, the air flow is 1000-2500 m3/h, and the filtering area is 20 ㎡.

Type: high efficiency plate filter
Filter material: water resistant glass fiber filter paper
Material of outer frame: anodized aluminum alloy
Separator: hot melt adhesive
Sealant: Polyurethane
Filtration efficiency grade: H13 (EN1822),≥ 99.95% @ MPPS H14(EN1822),≥99.995%@MPPS
H15(EN1822),≥99.9995%@MPPS H16(EN1822),≥99.99995%@MPPS
Recommended final resistance: 500Pa
Continuous and stable operation temperature: not higher than 90 ℃

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