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High Frequency Dewatering Screen

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Dewatering screen applies polyurethane screen to realize the dehydration, screening and desliming of materials. It can generally be used for the production line of sand and gravel plants, the production of cement or the recovery of coal slime in coal preparation plants, and it can also be used for some tailings dry discharge treatment. Therefore, it can also be called tailings dry discharge dewatering screen or coal slime dewatering screen, etc. The structure of the vibration dewatering screen is composed of eccentric block, vibrator, screen box, vibration exciter, supporting system and motor, etc. The overall structure design is relatively simple and compact, so the floor space is not large. It can be used for sand washing in sand and gravel plant, coal slime recovery in coal preparation plant, dry discharge of tailings in concentrator, soil repair, slurry treatment, sewage treatment, etc...

Common model

  • JXVD1036: Material input is 10~35 (t/h), and the Energy consumption is 2 ×1.1 (kW).
  • JXVD1236: Material input is 18~65 (t/h), and the Energy consumption is 2 ×2.4 (kW).
  • JXVD1536: Material input is 30~90 (t/h), and the Energy consumption is 2 ×3.1 (kW).
  • JXVD1838: Material input is 40~120 (t/h), and the Energy consumption is 2 ×7.5 (kW).
  • JXVD2138: Material input is 60~150 (t/h), and the Energy consumption is 2 ×7.5 (kW).
  • JXVD2538: Material input is 80~200 (t/h), and the Energy consumption is 2 ×11 (kW).

Type: High Frequency Vibrating Dewatering Screen
Screen material: polyurethane screen
Normal filtration accuracy: 0.3~0.6 mm

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