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Multi-Bag Filter Housing

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The multi-bag filter housing is one of JX Filtration leading products containing maximum 38 bags with the largest treatment capacity. It has a large filtering area, small filtering resistance and high filtering efficiency.


The multi-bag filter is suitable for any occasions to replace the filter bag after a long time. The traditional multi-bag filter is difficult to operate due to its large volume and heavy top cover. However, the quick-opening design from JX Filtration can solve this problem and reduce labor costs.


Working Principle

The bag filter is mainly composed of three parts: filter container, support basket and filter bag.
When the bag filter is used to filter liquid, the liquid enters from the filter container's side or bottom, and it is flushed into the filter bag from the top of the filter bag supported by the basket. The filter bag expands due to the liquid's impact and the uniform pressure surface, which makes the liquid material evenly distributed on the filter bag's inner surface.

The liquid passing through the filter bag is discharged from the liquid outlet at the bottom of the filter along the metal supporting basket wall. The filtered particulate impurities are trapped in the filter bag to complete the filtration process.

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