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Pre-coating Vacuum Drum Filter


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The Pre-coating Vacuum Drum Filter is basically same as scraper vacuum drum filter, the main difference is that the filter aid (such as diatomite, perlite, etc.) is pre-coated before the scraper vacuum drum filter. It is especially suitable for separating suspension with low solid content, fine particles, and gelatin, which is easy to block the filter cloth and for industries that only need filtrate.


  • Various sugar, maltose, maltose, dextrin, fruit, sucrose, etc.
  • Filtration of fermentation broth in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Filtration of fermentation fluids such as amino acid, enzyme preparation
  • Filter slag of wine, yellow wine mud
  • Filtering delaid in the food and beverage industry
  • Chemical industry wastewater filter slag
  • Pre-treatment before film equipment
  • Filter of food additives such as karawick

Supply scope

  • The Pre-coating vacuum drum filter
  • Pro-coating tank
  • Pro-coating pump
  • Air blower
  • Air-liquid separator
  • Vacuum pump
  • Control cabinet


  • Free equipment drawing, process drawing, installation drawing, circuit diagram
  • Free operation manual
  • Free package
  • Schneider control cabinet
  • Free 2 pcs filter cloth

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