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Scraper Discharge Vacuum Drum Filter

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Scraper Discharge Vacuum Drum Filter through the drum synchronous operation of the filter cloth, under the action of vacuum (negative pressure) to achieve solid-liquid separation of the suspension, and discharge by scraper device and compressed air back-blowing to achieve the regeneration of the filter cloth. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, tailings, environmental protection and other industries.

The following conditions are suitable for this filter:

  • The thickness of the filter cake obtained in 2min filtration time is ≥ 5mm
  • The solid specific gravity and particle size are moderate, resulting in the solid settling speed ≤ of 12mm
  • Low viscosity, no gum, not easily clog press cloth, making the press cloth easier to regenerate
  • Under the considerable vacuum degree in the rotary drum, the filtration temperature is lower than the suspension liquid's gasification temperature
  • A small number of solid particles is allowed within the filtrate
  • Occasions of large capacity and require continuous operation

Supply scope

  • The scraper discharge vacuum drum filter
  • Air blower
  • Air-liquid separator
  • Vacuum pump
  • Control cabinet


  • Free equipment drawing, process drawing, installation drawing, circuit diagram
  • Free operation manual
  • Free package
  • Schneider control cabinet
  • Free 2 pcs filter cloth

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