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Shallow Sand Filter

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Shallow Sand Filter is a commonly used water treatment and purification equipment, also known as sand filter, often used in river water purification, circulating water treatment, sewage treatment and etc. 

JX Filtration sand filter system consists of one or more standard high-speed filtering units that can effectively remove particles and reduce turbidity. If feeding with particular media, such as activated carbon, anthracite, etc., correspondingly, the filter can also absorb and remove the organics, ions, etc. 


  • Backwashing water consumption: only 0.8%-1.5% of the filtering water.
  • Status of water supply: each unit back washed in turn and continuously supplied water.
  • Required space: compact design. e.g., one filter with flow 300m3/h that covers about 13 m2 and a height of 2.5m.
  • Civil foundation: operation weight 25t without special foundation treatment.
  • Carry and installation: simple installation with short time.
  • Operation: full automatic control and simple maintenance.


  • Professional model recommendation
  • Free design and drawing
  • Free package
  • Free install and operation instruction
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