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Stainless Steel Coanda Screen

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Stainless Steel Coanda Screen is made by the wedge wire and support rod formed wedge wire plate. JX Filtration has designed the high strength frame and stiffeners for reinforce the screen. Coanda Screen debris and sediments interception rate is up to 90% or higher with less than 5% water loss. 

Technical details

  • Material: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS2205, 2207, etc.
  • Width and length: customized (largest unit made 2m wide x 6m length)
  • Slot size: smallest 20 microns
  • Accelerate plate: customized per civil structure
  • Wedge wire and support rod dimension: customized
  • Capacity: can be customized


Water treatment, agricultural applications, sediment filtration, wastewater filtration, Hydropower station, etc.

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