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Tubular Self Cleaning Filter

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Tubular Self Cleaning Filter also called multi self-cleaning filter or tubular backwash filter. It is based on the modular concept design to make a number of standard filtering units into a fully automatic filtration system and can freely increase or decrease the number of filter elements according to different working conditions. It is suitable for low-viscous liquids such as raw water, sewage, low-viscosity slag oil, etc.

Working principle

The Tubular Self Cleaning Filter is composed of rack, filter element assembly, equipment connecting pipeline, automatic valve, control cabinet and etc.

Filtration process

Backwash process

Technical Data

  • Numbers of filter elements: 2-24 pcs
  • Filter elements type: wedge wire screen
  • Filter precision: 20-3000microns
  • Treatment capacity: 30-3000m3/h
  • Filter elements filter area: 0.267-0.377m2
  • Viscosity: 1-50 cp.s
  • Cleaning method: Time/ Pressure difference/ Manual
  • Material: CS, SS304, SS316, super duplex 2205
  • Supply scope: rack, control cabinet, body, filter elements, connection pipes and valves.


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  • Free drawing
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