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Wedge Wire Cylinder

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Wedge Wire Cylinder is a cylindrical wedge wire screen, it is one of popular forms of v wire screens applied for sizing and water treatment. 

Wedge Wire Cylinder can be manufactured in various diameters ranging from I.D.20mm  to I.D.2000mm. Our standard size toolings are designed to match up with standard pipe sizes to service the water bore industry.

Wedge Wire Cylinder can be added with surround frames or stiffener bars to enhance its strength and using life. 


1.V-shaped surface wires enable minimal clogging and maximum water flow

2.Large flow volume with ID up to 2000mm

3. High mechancial strength and intensity

4.Adjustable slot opening, up to 20micron.

Construction Material:

Stainless steel SS304/SS316, duplex steel 2205, Hastelloy C276, etc.

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